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RE: Puerto Rico - Modems Hanging after first data transfer

Attached is a text document that makes it easy to reset all of the modem settings via HyperTerminal.


At one point, I also played around with setting S19=01 (I am working off of memory on the S19 part), which had the effect of automatically resetting the modem after one minute. This might possibly help.


Dips 3 and 8 down.


Mark Earley

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have him look at the modem settings in HyperTerminal and check his dip switches

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Subject: Puerto Rico - Modems Hanging after first data transfer


Juan is out in Puerto Rico and has done an initial test of modem transfer of AccuVote-OS to the GEMS host computer, which has an 8 port Digi box and 8 modems.  The version of GEMS is and the AccuVote-OS firmware is 1.96.3.  The phone system is setup with 1 number that has roll-over.


The initial 8 uploads work without any problem.  However, when trying to do any more uploads after the initial 8, the AccuVote-OS units continue to re-dial, because the modems still have the red light on for Carrier Detect and are locked up, even though they have turned off the AccuVote-OS units.  The only way that Juan can continue to do uploads is by watching the modems for the first initial upload and then turn off the modem so it can be reset.


I have tried a test here in the Omaha office, and I have no problem with the modem being reset after I turn off the AccuVote-OS unit.  However, I am connecting directly through COM1 on the computer, not a Digi box.  I am only connecting 1 AccuVote-OS at a time, and I do not have a roll-over number.


In the last election in Puerto Rico, back in February, we had no problems with this.  However, we were using a different computer, a different Digi box, different modems, a different version of GEMS, and different firmware in the AccuVote-OS.


Does anyone have any ideas???




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AT commands to set internal registers for GEMS AVOS modems
(US Robotics 33.6 fax modems)

The following commands are structured to be easily pasted into the Hyperterminal window. This process facilitates setting the internal modem registers for GEMS modems used for AVOS uploads. 

After starting the Hyperterminal session on the port desired (See GEMS User's Guide, Appendix N), copy the AT commands one line at a time from below, and paste them into the Hyperterminal screen. After pasting each individual command into Hyperterminal, press the ENTER key to send the command to the modem. The modem should return OK after each command is sent. Once all commands have been sent to the modem, close Hyperterminal and turn off the modem. Then restart Hyperterminal and turn the modem back on. Then enter the ATI4 command and verify the changes are still there.

1. Use the "Edit > Paste" menu sequence to paste the commands into Hyperterminal. I have experienced problems using "CTRL V" or "right click menus" to paste. 
2. Do not click on the Hyperterminal screen below the menu. Clicking in the command area can confuse the system, it seems. 
3. The &G0 setting is purposely left out as it causes problems. Verify that &G0 is correctly set, and if not, set it independently.
4. To ease the starting of Hyperterminal, paste a shortcut link to the Hyperterminal session onto the desktop.
5. To work on the next modem port, change the port selection in Hyperterminal, then shut down Hyperterminal and restart it.
6. The maximum command length is 58 characters. The modem does not count the AT prefix or spaces in this number.

at commands:

AT B0 E1 F1 M1 Q0 V1 X4 Y0 &W

AT &A3 &B1 &C1 &D2 &H1 &I0 &K1 &W

AT &M4 &N0 &P0 &R2 &S0 &T5 &U0 &Y1 &W

AT S00=1 S01=0 S02=43 S03=13 S04=10 S05=8 S06=2 &W

AT S07=60 S08=2 S09=6 S10=14 S11=70 S12=50 S13=0 &W

AT S15=0 S16=0 S18=0  S19=0 S21=10 S22=17 S23=19 &W

AT S25=5 S27=0 S28=8 S29=20 S30=0 S31=128 S32=2 &W

AT S33=0 S34=0 S35=0 S36=14 S38=0 S39=0 S41=0 S42=0 &W