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Re: Puerto Rico - Modems Hanging after first data transfer

have him look at the modem settings in HyperTerminal and check his dip switches
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From: Jeff Hintz
Sent: Thursday, June 13, 2002 2:38 PM
Subject: Puerto Rico - Modems Hanging after first data transfer

Juan is out in Puerto Rico and has done an initial test of modem transfer of AccuVote-OS to the GEMS host computer, which has an 8 port Digi box and 8 modems.  The version of GEMS is and the AccuVote-OS firmware is 1.96.3.  The phone system is setup with 1 number that has roll-over.
The initial 8 uploads work without any problem.  However, when trying to do any more uploads after the initial 8, the AccuVote-OS units continue to re-dial, because the modems still have the red light on for Carrier Detect and are locked up, even though they have turned off the AccuVote-OS units.  The only way that Juan can continue to do uploads is by watching the modems for the first initial upload and then turn off the modem so it can be reset.
I have tried a test here in the Omaha office, and I have no problem with the modem being reset after I turn off the AccuVote-OS unit.  However, I am connecting directly through COM1 on the computer, not a Digi box.  I am only connecting 1 AccuVote-OS at a time, and I do not have a roll-over number.
In the last election in Puerto Rico, back in February, we had no problems with this.  However, we were using a different computer, a different Digi box, different modems, a different version of GEMS, and different firmware in the AccuVote-OS.
Does anyone have any ideas???
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