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Re: Pre-Election Report Error Using 1-17-15 and Win2K

This problems occurs on W2K machine when crystall report engine can not connect to ODBC data source with default registry permissions. I downloaded updated driver from Crystall that fixes this problem and I will distribute this driver with the next GEMS installpack.
The work around for this problem is to login as administrator on W2K machine and create a new System DSN under ODBC settings. After that Crystall reports will work without errors.
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Sent: Thursday, August 30, 2001 6:41 AM
Subject: Pre-Election Report Error Using 1-17-15 and Win2K

I am testing the server setup and election database in Ramsey Co., MN (GEMS 1-17-15 on Windows 2000)
When I attempt to preview or print pre-election reports, I get the following error message:
Failed to connect to database
Error (527) - Error in File:
SQL server error.
Election summary, SOVC and Cards Cast reports all work fine.  I have also tried loading another database on the server and I get the same error message when trying to preview or print pre-election reports.
Database attached.

Cathi Smothers
Global Election Systems