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RE: Spyrus Battery Replacement

Another suggestion that would not involve repeating the battery removal
process, would be to let the readers sit for 10 minutes with the old
batteries removed before inserting new batteries.  This is inconvenient when
you're only doing one or two units, but if you have many units to service,
you could set up a line of readers (say 5 or 10 at a time) and perform each
step to all the readers, then the next step, etc.   By the time you are
re-installing the battery cover into each reader, which completes the power
circuit, 10 minutes should have passed.


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> Sent:	November 13, 2001 12:20 PM
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> Subject:	Spyrus Battery Replacement
> We have received several Spyrus Readers for repair after their batteries
> have been changed.  We have been able to recover most of these readers.
> Below are the procedures taken from the Spyrus manual and notes from our
> experience for proper battery replacement.  Please relay this information
> to customers owning Spyrus readers.
> The reader uses two (2) CR2032 Lithium Coin cell Batteries.  
> A suitable Phillips head screwdriver can be obtained by in an eyeglass
> repair kit found at most drugstores for less than two dollars.  
> To replace the batteries, remove the two (2) small Phillips screws, and
> take off the battery cover. 
> Pull out the two (2) batteries and insert fresh batteries (ensure proper
> polarity).  
> Replace the battery cover and the two (2) screws.
> After the batteries have been correctly replaced. If the reader does not
> turn on, has garbage on the screen, etc., then remove the batteries and
> let the reader sit for 10 minutes to discharge, then reinstall the
> batteries.
> If the reader is still not functioning correctly, try to reload the Card
> Manager software.
> Steve R.

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