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Fw: central count recount scenario 2.00h

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Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2001 8:36 PM
Subject: central count recount scenario 2.00h

Has anyone tested a recount scenario for 2.00h CC roms where the vote center has all precincts but only one race to recount - the race DOES NOT occur on all ballot styles and I am wondering if we will encounter any oddities - like looping accuvote tapes in the 1.94f< roms that has since been fixed in w roms -  invalid ballot messages - or if the units will simply count all the ballots regardless of precinct and then report totals for only the recounted race
this is approaching on the 19th and I am wondering if I should anticipate failure -  can anyone run a quickie test?  has anyone run this before? 
I am hoping someone has done this and ca provide me with any warnings I may need - forewarned is forearmed