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Re: Readme for BS4-0-10-0 and BS4-1-1-0

The instructions are correct.  Indeed, life is sometimes quite simple.  Install headphones or speakers into the speaker jack and keyboard into the serial jack, and you are ready to go.
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Sent: Monday, September 17, 2001 12:35 PM
Subject: Re: Readme for BS4-0-10-0 and BS4-1-1-0

I have an R6 demo unit.  Will this be able to do audio, or does the hardware portion of the unit not support it.  Would this be the proper procedure to load this new version?
1. Download zip from ftp.
2. Unzip and put BallotStationFull.ins onto a pcmcia.
3. Put into ballot station and turn it on.
Is that the install procedure?
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Sent: Monday, September 17, 2001 8:45 AM
Subject: Readme for BS4-0-10-0 and BS4-1-1-0

 Here is the readme for BS4-0-10-0 and BS4-1-1-0 that were release on Friday Sept. 14 

  • Implemented VIBS and GENOVATION serial keyboard support. 

  • Fix problem when ballot RTF data did not update properly on the screen.
  • Fixed problem with not detecting removal of smart card at system boot when prompted to remove card.
  • Fix problem with mre script loop count override not working.
  • Fix problem with displaying precincts with no ballots in the CreateCardDlg and the TestPctSelDlg.
  • Fix problems with AutoL&A test when withdrawn candidates exist.
  • Fixed problem with exception message box for ActionDlg not being displayed on WinCE devices.
  • Fix problem with removing system.bin and AVTSError.txt files when removing old election files to make more room on the storage device.
  • Log invalid admin password, printer errors, result transfer, Admin and Ender Card insertion.
  • Add Audit function to AccumulatorDlg and add log messages for AccumulatorDlg.
  • Fix the problem when text is overlapping the cell border.
  • Fix the problem with deleteing the election.edb and election.xtr files before the archives.
  • Fix problem when TYPE_LABEL candidates did not add to ballot results.