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Readme for BS4-0-10-0 and BS4-1-1-0

 Here is the readme for BS4-0-10-0 and BS4-1-1-0 that were release on Friday Sept. 14 

  • Implemented VIBS and GENOVATION serial keyboard support. 

  • Fix problem when ballot RTF data did not update properly on the screen.
  • Fixed problem with not detecting removal of smart card at system boot when prompted to remove card.
  • Fix problem with mre script loop count override not working.
  • Fix problem with displaying precincts with no ballots in the CreateCardDlg and the TestPctSelDlg.
  • Fix problems with AutoL&A test when withdrawn candidates exist.
  • Fixed problem with exception message box for ActionDlg not being displayed on WinCE devices.
  • Fix problem with removing system.bin and AVTSError.txt files when removing old election files to make more room on the storage device.
  • Log invalid admin password, printer errors, result transfer, Admin and Ender Card insertion.
  • Add Audit function to AccumulatorDlg and add log messages for AccumulatorDlg.
  • Fix the problem when text is overlapping the cell border.
  • Fix the problem with deleteing the election.edb and election.xtr files before the archives.
  • Fix problem when TYPE_LABEL candidates did not add to ballot results.