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Sacramento Questions or in General for RFP

These are some questions that have come up today from Alameda and Sacramento:
Hardware Maintenance - what is our maintenance cost per AVTS unit? Say in Qty's of 4000.
Daisy Chaining: 
  • Customer understands they can charge unit on a dolly stacked without opening up booth.  Do they have to open up booth to get a cable OR is Global going to provide some short - say 18" - power cord for charging batteries - say a warehouse power cord?
  • Can units run daisy chained in precinct taking up 1 power receptacle.
Battery Indicator Light - Is there any type of light on booth exterior to show when battery is charged or are we simply recommending a charging time.  How do they know charge state of battery?
  • Alameda wanted to know if they could stack 8 on a dolly (are there weight issues), as they are expecting 4 per precinct and that would lend itself to keeping precincts during delivery from spanning dollys.  Will strapping be long enough for 8 units??
  • Will you be able to plug in the lowest unit in a stack given the dolly configuration.  In other words does the dolly allow access to the battery charging receptacle.
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