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Re: Memory card checksum errors Seminole Cty.

Steve Knecht wrote:
The Marin unit cabled to their main computer was the culprit of a majority of their failures as well.  I just assumed the AV unit was bad and we sent it back to McKinney.  Could it have something to do with a signal coming in from the DigiBoard or some voltage associated with a signal??

  No, it would take a lightning strike or similar coming across the serial cable from the DigiBoard to corrupt the memory card.  ;-)

  However there are things that can go wrong inside an Accu-Vote that can cause it to corrupt memory cards and/or crash (ISR, lockup*, random jump to a different prompt, etc).  Thus I recommend a procedure of recording such events and if any single machine experiences 2 or more occurances over the course of an election, it's grounds for requiring service.  Don't worry about a single occurance on a machine unless there is other evidence to suggest problems with that machine.

* Note that there are 2 different types of lockup.  The most common seems to be that the older scanner units would lockup during operation but the AV itself is working fine.  Recent firmware (since 1.94p/1.94f<) will display an error message if you hold the NO button for more than 3 seconds while the AV is waiting for another ballot in a count mode.  If this works, the AV is working and it's the scanner unit itself that has locked up.  I don't believe that scanner lockups can affect the memory card.  Ian, when do scanner lockups indicate a need for service?