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RE: Sacramento Questions or in General for RFP

See below.
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Subject: Sacramento Questions or in General for RFP

These are some questions that have come up today from Alameda and Sacramento:
Hardware Maintenance - what is our maintenance cost per AVTS unit? Say in Qty's of 4000. 
I can't provide that information yet. 
Daisy Chaining: 
  • Customer understands they can charge unit on a dolly stacked without opening up booth.  Do they have to open up booth to get a cable OR is Global going to provide some short - say 18" - power cord for charging batteries - say a warehouse power cord?  
Yes, the short power cord is the intent.  These short power cords would be in addition to the standard six foot power cords inside the booths.  The intent is to leave the standard power cords inside the booths.
  • Can units run daisy chained in precinct taking up 1 power receptacle. 
It is possible, but the maximum number of daisy chained units has yet to be determined.  The answer to that will likely come from PDE and UL (possible fire hazards).
Battery Indicator Light - Is there any type of light on booth exterior to show when battery is charged or are we simply recommending a charging time.  How do they know charge state of battery? 
There is no light on the exterior of the booth to indicate charge status.
Once we establish worst case charge times, I assume that is what we will recommend.  I believe that in actual operation of the ballot station (i.e, screen powered up, etc.), the battery voltage charging and discharging is  closely monitored and, if the application software is designed to, it can display that information.  But when the unit is powered off and closed in the booth, there is no indicator of charge status.
  • Alameda wanted to know if they could stack 8 on a dolly (are there weight issues), as they are expecting 4 per precinct and that would lend itself to keeping precincts during delivery from spanning dollys.  Will strapping be long enough for 8 units??  
According to Jeff Dean, ergonomically seven (7) units will be the stacking height (up to six feet).  I imagine that the strapping can be modified so you can stack eight, six, four, two, or even one, but I haven't seen the drawings on this product, so I can't comment.  
  • Will you be able to plug in the lowest unit in a stack given the dolly configuration.  In other words does the dolly allow access to the battery charging receptacle. 
Jeff Dean will have to answer that question until I can see a drawing of this product. 
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