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RE: Policy on serving JResultsClient from our servers?

Guy -
This was a one time thing that I asked Mike to research for me.  It was only a test and not being offered as something that we would be making as an offering to counties.  At least not in the near future.  This is NOT available for our customers consumption and not something that is on the table for sales.
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Subject: Policy on serving JResultsClient from our servers?


  Is this something that we'll offer to do for our clients?  Is this standard support, part of maintenance, or an extra charge?

  BTW, Dmitry has been working on a JResultClient that can pull results from a Linux based Web server.  Let us know if anyone needs it.


"Doan, Deb (Clerks - Election Coordinator)" wrote:

Guy, We used Global's HTTP site. Mike Brown set it up for us. It worked very
well. The media people were all happy.  Thanks for your assistance.


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> Subject:      What happened with your media setup?
> Hi Debra,
>   Just wondering how things went with getting results to the
> media?  Last we spoke you had access to a computer set up
> with FTP and HTTP (Web) servers and you could put the
> JResult files up on FTP.  Unfortunately JResultClient is not
> able to pull results from an FTP server so for the media to
> use it, the files would need to be accessable to the HTTP
> server (these servers are just programs running on a server
> machine).
>   You suggested that the media may not be interested in
> using JResultClient especially because it is formatted for
> computer monitors and therefore may not display well on
> television.  You thought that they might use the JResult
> files directly and that they could get them using FTP.
>   I haven't heard any more on this but I have been thinking
> that GEMS has other export formats that may be more
> appropriate if there was any problem with using the JResult
> files.  I would be interested in knowing how you finally
> resolved the situation.
>   Sincerely,
>           Guy
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