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RE: Removing the date on the AV Tapes

After reading all of the threads of this message, I feel bad that I have
been out of the office for the first part of this week.  The issue being
that I do not believe that support should ever go on record as saying we
should make a customer suffer.  I do however, believe in being compensated
for the valuable time that is spent in regards to a problem that was
customer created.  If we have the means and knowledge to make that customer
look good and in turn we are duly compensated, then that is the policy that
we will follow.  We are a very peculiar organization in the fact that
sometimes we go out of our way to not bill a customer, when in fact if we
set the correct expectations with the customer, a bill for our services
would be welcome in the absence of having the customer look bad.

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Subject: RE: Removing the date on the AV Tapes

We should do nothing here.  The client should suffer.  We should not be
spending valuable time this close to the election creating and installing a
new ABasic file because the customer's "forgetfulness" (leastways, not
without charging an obscene amount of money).


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Subject: Removing the date on the AV Tapes

Beth Kish in Cobb county has forgotten to change the date in GEMS, and now
she has a date problem on her AV tapes.  She is becoming very insistent that
we find a solution for her forgetfulness.  She would be happy if we could
just remove the date from the tapes all together.  Are we able to modify the
A-Basic file for her to remove the date stamp on the tape?  What is the best
course of action. I have already told her we can't be changing anything this
late in the game, but as usual the client is getting persistent.