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Santa Barbara - documenting system problems

Summary of Santa Barbara problems (in case system needs re-loading early next week):
1.  System did full crash out of GEMS to dark screen reboot on Tuesday during print job.
2.  Upon autoreboot, looking at event log we noted only a overlap in com1 and com22 registers in the log prior to crash - probably nothing to do with it??
3.  Fixed register issue with Mike B.
4.  Reports from James today indicate they are now crashing out of GEMS to desktop during print or preview jobs.  (I am having a DP person verify that they can replicate this).
Theya re running SP5. Mike will work with us to try a few things, but we may need to reload the system early next week.  If we can replicate this within the application process, at this point I'm not thinking that its hardware.  Backup computer is set for direct uploads only. 
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