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AV End of Night "short" printout RCR

After discussing this with Tari this AM, I think we concluded that several requests may be getting mixed together.  I hope this clarifies.
1)  I requested after the last California Pres. Primary that we have an .abo file that does the following:
        * prints out standard morning zero print out that includes:
                Precinct    Ballots Cast
                   1001            0
                   1004            0
                Race - President
                Candidate 1    0
                Candidate 2    0
                Candidate 3    0  etc.
        * prints out only the Precinct and Ballots Cast information at the end of the evening and DOES NOT
            print out the Race Summary Totals.
    I would call this the "California Short" report.  My initial request did not consider muliple CARDS or ballots in a precinct, just the Precinct Number and Ballots Cast totals.
2)  Part of Tari's initial discussion was seperate from the above and involves Card Numbers and/or Party
    Ballot Cast totals also being printed.  This is fine and after talking with Tari, in a multiple ballot or Card
    situation in a precinct I see the need for this.  However, the ROM change required for this is not something we will implement for November in California, nor will it be relavant to this election in that we will
not have parties, but I see Tari's point for the future. 
Also, Tari thought I was requesting a summary totals report be printed, which I didn't want.  So once Tari and I spoke and we realized the confusion, we realized that I may not have been clear on what was being asked for.  Please seperate the two issues so that California accounts that do not want to print
the summary totals report at the end of the day, can just get the ballots cast by precinct, without having to
change roms.  Then, the Card No, Card 10001 vs. 1, Party code etc. can all be worked out in some other version without getting mixed in with the original request. 
Thanks Steve