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Upon further discussion with Frank, I don't need so much your Non-election related jobs from the past although if that's there in a few lines that's fine.
What we are looking for is the election focus in the resume.  So it could look something like:
Address (Optional)
1995-Present     Global Election Systems, Lead Programmer (Project Manager, Trainer, Documentation
     Specialist or whatever)
    The next part would be the "projects" you've worked on while at Global. For Example:
    * responsible for design and lead programming on GEMS Windows Based System (1997-1999)
    * responsible for AccuVote documentation (1995-1996)
    * project Manager for State of Alaska implementation
    * wrote GEMS AccuVote-TS interface (1999)
Fill up a page with good sounding election stuff you've done on a project basis.  Then if there's room on the page at any other company experience you've got.