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Iredell County, NC - Needs Ghostview on Gems Computer

Becky Galliher from Iredell County, NC is having trouble with her postscript files that she sends to her printer.  I have taken a look at a sample postscript file in GhostView and I can see that she needs to change the offsets with this particular Postscript Driver that she has.  The only problem is that the computer that was set up in McKinney with Gems, does not have GhostView on it.  Also, she does not have the Gems computer set up for the internet.  Would it be possible for someone in McKinney to burn her a CD with GhostView on it, and could we also put on the same CD the different Postscript drivers that we have on our FTP site.  It may be possible that with one of the Postscript drivers that we have on the FTP site, that her printer will be able to accept the files with the default offsets.




Jeff Hintz

Global Election Systems