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Re: Acceptance Test Plan

If the number of requests was limited, that might work, but if the calls were numerous, they would be a nuisance.  Can't we get with the new millennium on this and have people download these documents themselves?  At least the documents considered public domain.
  The best system from the user's point of view would probably be to have a staff-only area on the web site with password controlled access.  This can be done with secure server technology and some CGI scripting.  However this would take some work and currently our Web development staff (i.e. Mike) is too overloaded with other duties to be even consider this at this time.  This will have to wait until it becomes a priority such that other duties are offloaded.

  In the meantime we could store the documents in password protect zipped form on our Web site at URLs (links) published only in our mailing lists or on the FTP site if we didn't care that the general public knew of their existance.  We could have an index with the URLs, the document descriptions, and the passwords that we post periodically to our mailing lists.

  What do you think Mike?  If you want to create a directory I could start putting up the release notes.