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RE: AVTS - PA Certification - Clarification of voting rules

In the case of a race in which their are multiple votes, when you touch a new choice in that race, all votes are removed and your new choice is then marked, then you would have touch your other choices for the number of votes allowed.   
You mean to say "...all votes are removed if and only if the race is fully voted...", right?
I hope this clarifies the way that PA Certification requires it, and sorry for the misinterpation before.
Not really.  Attached was the original exchange.  Has something changed?  Also, the following clarification is still outstanding:
> Interesting.  Just to be clear, if they touch a race at all, does
> it forever
> become "dirty"?  Consider:
> (1)   Vote straight party republican.
> (2)   Vote presidential democrat
> (3)   Change to straight party democrat
> (4)   Change to straight party reform
> Even though the president race is no longer crossed over at step three, I
> assume changing to reform in step 4 will have no effect on the
> presidential
> race?  Hope voters have a notebook with them to keep track of which races
> they have touched...
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Yes this would be the case.  That is the reason for the touch candidate -
retouch candidate to remove - then touch new candidate that is already done
by the AVTS software.  But we are dealing with Pennsylvania, which are not
particularly bright.  I also mentioned this reasoning to the sales staff
that is dealing with Pennsylvania, but they insist on doing it the way that
Pennsylvania wants to, in order to get certified.

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> Also, if it is a Primary Election, which does not have
> Straight Party, and you vote on several races, then wish to change your
> vote on 1 of those races.  Again, you can touch any where on that
> race, you
> do not have to touch the candidate that is currently voted for, and your
> vote will be removed.

How does vote for more than one behave?  If they overvote, then all
candidates are cleared?  In a vote for ten, they pick 10 candidates, then
they touch the 11th they all clear?


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