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Re: Cell Phones and the AccuVote

What is Globals stand on using cell phones with the AccuVote?Are there any written instructions for accomplishing this feat?
  I know of no written instructions.

  If the cell phone provides an RJ-11 jack that connects directly to the Accu-Vote's phone line port then I believe that the user has to dial the number manually and then press the AV's YES button.  The AV's phone number would be set to "T".  The Accu-Vote can then pick up the connection and continue normally.  I believe that this is the configuration that Steve K. uses.

  I've heard that there are plug-in modules for some cell phones that have an internal modem that provide an RS232 connection.  Currently the AV does not support external modems other than the ones that we use internally so the AV probably would not work with these cell phones.  I am planning to provide some support for external modems for the upcoming 1.94y release but unless we have samples of these phones to test with, we can not be certain that they will work.  If anyone has a cell phone in mind that provides an internal modem, let us know so that we can arrange to test with it.