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AVTS - PA Certification - Clarification of voting rules

After talking with the Sales staff about the PA Certification rules on the AVTS system, I would just like to go over this one more time, because I may have interpertted it incorrectly.  When you vote for a race, and then you wish to change your vote for a different candidate in that race, you would only have to touch the new candidate of your choice in that race, which then would remove your previous choice and check your new choice at the same time.  In the case of a race in which their are multiple votes, when you touch a new choice in that race, all votes are removed and your new choice is then marked, then you would have touch your other choices for the number of votes allowed.  I hope this clarifies the way that PA Certification requires it, and sorry for the misinterpation before.
Jeff Hintz
Global Election Systems