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Re: Accu-Vote release 1.94x

A question to follow your release notes on 1.94x.You mention that 1.94x “prevents false“low battery” indications on Power Up”.Can you elaborate a bit.In a number of sites we have seen “low battery” messages that have been documented previously on the support track and caused notable anguish among support, sales and at the customer level.
  This was actually done back in September in response to Ian's "Removal of Low Battery Message at Power Up" RCR:

Ian Piper wrote:

This is a request to change the AccuVote firmware code to disable (or delay) displaying or checking for a low power supply battery condition at power up.  Currently, this message occurs at power up even with the AC plugged in.  Some customers get anxious that their batteries are low, even though the condition does not exist. We should never show a "BATTERY LOW" condition if the ACFAIL is false.

  In short, the AV will no longer display LOW BATTERY when it's getting AC power.  This also means that the message clears upon plugging a unit in so that you will know that the AC power is working.  Previously you wouldn't know that you were getting AC power until the battery had charged sufficiently to not drag the system voltage down.

  This is different though than the memory card low battery indication which is the telephone pole symbol.  There were cases where this symbol was displayed when first inserting the memory card but then cleared for later messages.  This was fixed in 1.94i (Oct '96) by waiting for the connections to stabilize before displaying any messages.