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RE: AVTS - Precinct ID at bottom of ballot

Attached is the RCR completion message.  Weren't you the one that submitted
this RCR?


> From: owner-support@gesn.com [mailto:owner-support@gesn.com]On Behalf Of
> Jeff Hintz
> Is there a way of showing the Precinct ID at the bottom of the
> ballot on the AVTS units???
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> > Date Requested:     August 15,1999
> > Jurisdiction:               California Demonstration
> >
> > we need to be able to define the
> > Main Header information within Headers and have the software use
> > this data instead.
> Right.  Headers in general are currently not implemented on the
> TS.  We will
> implement the election header the way you suggest above.  Aug 15 sounds
> reasonable.
> Ken

Okay, this is now complete.  The next release of GEMS will have a new section in the options tab of the header editor:  Header Type.  The four types are:

The Header type is what everyone is used to headers meaning.  All existing headers will have this type after upgrade, so no behavior will change.  The AccuVote-TS currently ignores this type, as it has so far.
The Footer type will eventually be used to properly implement race-group footers.  It is currently disabled.
The Card Header and Card Footer types are used to create headers that get put at the top and bottom of paper or touch screen ballots.  They consume all columns, for all ballots.  Currently these are only implemented for the AccuVote-TS, but we will eventually add support for paper ballots as well.  The AccuVote-TS supports only one card header and one card footer;  we will support multiple headers for paper.  If you create more than one card header for the TS, only the first will be displayed onscreen.
You can use the GEMS @precinct text macro to put the precinct name into a header on the AccuVote-TS, just like paper ballots.  Multiple languages are supported just like any other header.
Right now the GEMS header editor does not support color directly, but it looks like we will have to add support for that soon.  This has never been much of an issue with paper, although it is becoming important for the TS.  If you want your TS ballot headers to be white (which is the norm), you can cut-and-paste white text into the header editor from MS-Word or MS-Wordpad as a work around.
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