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RE: Accu-Vote release 1.94x



A question to follow your release notes on 1.94x.   You mention that 1.94x  “prevents false  “low battery” indications on Power Up”.   Can you elaborate a bit.  In a number of sites we have seen “low battery” messages that have been documented previously on the support track and caused notable anguish among support, sales and at the customer level.


Additionally I want you to know that the release notes are well done.  Heck, even this dumb southerner could understand the fundamentals – excluding of course the note above.


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  After almost a year, it's time for an update.  AV-OS-PC 1.94x is a general upgrade which brings a number of new features and fixes.  The details are in the attached release notes.

  I would rather avoid it but someone will probably want a 1.94f equivalent of this.  If you can, wait for 1.94x to prove itself in the field before requesting the "f" version.  Whatever the case, post your "required-by" date to support and we'll take care of it.

  Testing hasn't been extensive but neither have the changes.  I would recommend though that people hold off upgrading until those that need the new version have run it through its paces.