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Re: Blank Memory Cards


El Paso Colorado had about 6 memory cards fail during their testing, showing
similar symptoms.  They then had another 6 memory cards fail on election

All their memory cards and AccuVotes are new, they had about 200 vote
centers/AccuVotes in the county.

Ian Piper was with me and he mentioned he was going to track some of this.
I would ask to him if he's found out anything.

Take care,


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To: Donald W. Biszmaier <dbglobal@earthlink.net>; support <support@gesn.com>
Sent: Monday, November 15, 1999 1:30 PM
Subject: Re: Blank Memory Cards

> We are experiencing a rash of memory card failure that is almost alarming.
> We are looking into what the problems might be.  It doesn't seem to matter
> if the cards are brand new or a few years old.  Does anyone else have
> or concerns on this issue?  So far, we know that there were extensive
> problems in Virginia and Florida in this past election cycle.  ~Ingrid
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> From: Donald W. Biszmaier <dbglobal@earthlink.net>
> To: support <support@gesn.com>
> Date: Monday, November 15, 1999 9:02 AM
> Subject: Blank Memory Cards
> >    In the past two weeks I have had three programmed memory cards - one
> >in election mode and two in post election mode - that have been blank.
> >When the card is inserted it comes up to format.
> >    I cannot verify what happened to the cards. They may have been
> >mistakenly erased or the wrong card used, but I cannot find proof of
> >that either.
> >    Has anyone else had a similar problem? Just thought I would check
> >after three times.
> >    Thanks: Don
> >