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Re: Blank Memory Cards

As of yet Ian hasn't found out anything from the limited info he was able to take.
Dean Buck of ElPaso Colorado was to provide me with detailed information as to AccuVote serial numbers and whether we could get access to the units and memory cards.  He hasn't called me with any info.  I will be proactive and contact him today to see if he has finished the canvass and can pass that info to me now or that I have to wait a longer period.
While I was there in El Paso , I recorded the lot numbers from the side of the memory cards that had failed on pre-election testing, but to date I have not received any other information from other customer sites as to the lot info on their failed memory cards is, in order to determine a pattern by memory card production lots.  If any body can provide me with this kind of detailed info, we can move forward on this.  I was hoping to get a report from Larry Ensminger as to the sites that experienced these problems so I could contact the support people for that info directly, but seeing as how we are discussing it here, consider yourselves contacted, and please retrieve the following information.
We need the following:
  • AccuVote Serial Number  (you know where to find that one)
  • Memory Card Lot Number (imprinted into the plastic on the side edge of the card)
  • Condition of the memory card's contacts (slide the shutter back with your fingers on both sides of the shutter) Check for amount of contact scoring and centering of scoring on the card edge pads.
  • Was the memory card label torn or missing
  • Details on the LCD messages when the error occurred
  • What actions were performed to correct the error and which actions were successful
  • Location (e.g., precinct #) where error occurred
  • Actual memory card that failed delivered to McKinney (Remember to get FS#)
  • Actual AccuVote that memory card failed in delivered to McKinney  (Remember to get FS#)
Please don't let this wait much longer.  People forget details as time passes.  In retrospect, I should have surveyed every one directly on email immediately after the election, but I had hoped that all reports from the field for all experiences (no matter the failure type) would have been in long before now so we could examine the scope of this on a country wide level.  I believe there are a few outstanding reports but we can start to deal with the locations that we know about right now.  Contact Larry Ensminger if you haven't submitted an election night report yet.
Data. Data. Data.  Give me input.
There are two ways to write error-free programs; only the third one works.
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El Paso Colorado had about 6 memory cards fail during their testing, showing
similar symptoms.  They then had another 6 memory cards fail on election

All their memory cards and AccuVotes are new, they had about 200 vote
centers/AccuVotes in the county.

Ian Piper was with me and he mentioned he was going to track some of this.
I would ask to him if he's found out anything.

Take care,


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Subject: Re: Blank Memory Cards

> We are experiencing a rash of memory card failure that is almost alarming.
> We are looking into what the problems might be.  It doesn't seem to matter
> if the cards are brand new or a few years old.  Does anyone else have
> or concerns on this issue?  So far, we know that there were extensive
> problems in Virginia and Florida in this past election cycle.  ~Ingrid
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> From: Donald W. Biszmaier <dbglobal@earthlink.net>
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> Date: Monday, November 15, 1999 9:02 AM
> Subject: Blank Memory Cards
> >    In the past two weeks I have had three programmed memory cards - one
> >in election mode and two in post election mode - that have been blank.
> >When the card is inserted it comes up to format.
> >    I cannot verify what happened to the cards. They may have been
> >mistakenly erased or the wrong card used, but I cannot find proof of
> >that either.
> >    Has anyone else had a similar problem? Just thought I would check
> >after three times.
> >    Thanks: Don
> >