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RE: gems versions

General Question:
we currently have the gems 1-11 series and then gems 1-12/13 series -  one for Os and the other for TS  - will this be statis quo? - or is it possible that in the future we will have one gems for all - under god, with liberty and justice for all,  etc, etc... 
just wondering  
1.13 is not really "for TS".  1.13 is just the current development release, and most of the new features happen to have to do with the TS.  You can run a TS election using 1.11, and you can run an AV election using 1.13.  If you don't need the new features though, you are better off running the stable branch.
Eventually 1.13 (or .14 or whatever) will be blessed as the stable release, and the cycle will repeat.