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RE: AVTS & Networking

> From what I am hearing so far with El Paso,
> Colorado; we are going to hook up a network hub with the Gems
> host computer and then plug in the AVTS units into the hub and
> then download the Election via network to all the AVTS units.

It was just pointed out to me that my response sounded sounded like you have
to download to each machine individually.  This is not the case.  Set up one
machine as Jeff suggests to create each Imation disk.  Sorry if there was

I was just pointing out the difference in the current TS download to that of
the AV.  Right now there is no way to "queue" up 30 vote centers and then
stand in front (well, back) of the AccuVote-TS feeding disks, like you would
with the AccuVote, getting printouts for each disk.  You have to download
each vote center individually, and then make a label by hand for each disk.

To repeat, there is no need to download to each physical machine.  That
would require a lot of heavy lifting.