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AVTS & Networking

There seems to be some misconceptions between the AVTS systems and networking.  Currently, we download the election information via network between a Gems host computer and a AVTS that is network capable, onto a 120 Imation Super Disk.  This process is very similar to downloading a AccuVote memory card.  You queue up the Vote Center in Gems and then you must touch the Download button on the AVTS.  From what I am hearing so far with El Paso, Colorado; we are going to hook up a network hub with the Gems host computer and then plug in the AVTS units into the hub and then download the Election via network to all the AVTS units.  By downloading the Election via network to each AVTS unit, you will not only be working twice as hard, but will have to set up network cards, drivers, and cables for all AVTS units.  The best way to download an Election to AVTS is to do it the same way you would Program Memory Cards for the AccuVote.  You would have 1 AVTS unit connected via network to the Gems host computer and download each Vote Center onto a 120 Imation Super Disk.  Then you would goto the seperate AVTS units and insert the disk and then start the election.  Unless I am missing something that is being added into Gems and the AVTS, would this not be the best way to download the election??

Jeff Hintz
Global Election Systems