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RE: AVTS & Networking

> Unless I am missing something that is
> being added into Gems and the AVTS, would this not be the best
> way to download the election??

No, you are not missing anything at all.  We in fact intend of adding a
"disk" option to the download dialog so that you don't even have to network
AccuVote-TS units.  Once we get some of the current nagging installation
problems and bugs cleaned up, this is our first priority.

To let everyone know the larger picture.  Right now the TS downloads the
election database (.mdb) to A: and C: drives.  Results are updated on the C:
and D: drives during the election process, and then exported to the A: drive
at the end of election day.  Because the .mdb is potentially large, a large
removable medium like a Zip or Imation drive is required for A:.  They are
also slow.

The plan is to store the election data that is transfered during download
directly onto the imation disk.  This data is not an .mdb, but is rather a
proprietary protocol similar that what we download to the AccuVote.  This
file is much smaller than an .mdb, so it will also be able to be stored on a
Flash Memory PC-Card.  When a PC-Card or Imation disk is inserted into the
AccuVote-TS, the .mdb file will be built onto C: using the download data.
Election result data will be stored during the election process on A: and C:
(there will be no reason for D:).  At the close of polls, there will be no
export proceedure -- the floppy or PC-Card just needs to be removed
(similarly if the AccuVote-TS fails election day).

As you can guess, these are nontrivial changes that are taking time to
complete.  This has been the intent from day one, and I can only apologise
for it not being ready yet.