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RE: Sequence error

> The Poll Book application has the feature to import the election
> database without creating any result files.  If you start up the
> Poll Book application on an AccuVote-TS unit that does not have
> any election databases on it, Poll Book will prompt you that no
> elections were found and if you wish to search the secondary
> media for an election.  When you select yes, Poll Book will then
> read from the A: drive and import the election database onto the
> hard drive without the result files.  If there happens to be an
> election already on the AccuVote-TS machine, then you can go to
> options - import election, and then insert your disk and import
> the election.  You should never be loading a Poll Book machine
> with the Ballot Station software.

This is excellent advice;  thanks Jeff.  Do it Jeff's way folks.

Long term we will be adding the capability of downloading the election
directly from GEMS using the poll book application.