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RE: Sequence error

The Poll Book application has the feature to import the election database without creating any result files.  If you start up the Poll Book application on an AccuVote-TS unit that does not have any election databases on it, Poll Book will prompt you that no elections were found and if you wish to search the secondary media for an election.  When you select yes, Poll Book will then read from the A: drive and import the election database onto the hard drive without the result files.  If there happens to be an election already on the AccuVote-TS machine, then you can go to options - import election, and then insert your disk and import the election.  You should never be loading a Poll Book machine with the Ballot Station software.

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Rodney is getting sequence errors when he tries to print reports on the poll
book.  To be explicit, he transfers results via floppy from each of the
ballot stations in the vote center using "transfer results".  On the poll
book machine, he then does a "poll book - options - report - load data",
then "print totals report".  Before load data, the poll book already has a
results folder with the brs file for sequence one.  That folder gets created
when the election is started on the poll book.  If he deletes the file
before doing the load data, then he doesn't get the sequence error.

For now, use this procedure when setting up poll books:  download from GEMS
using the Poll Book unit, and then delete the contents of the Results
folder.  Poll books do not contain ballots of their own, so they shouldn't
have brs files.  Right now this is hard to "fix" because the AccuVotes-TS
units don't really know they are a poll book or ballot station currently;
we'll try to come up with something reasonable.


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