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Some additional thoughts on this subject:

The "lack" of this scrolling/display feature has never cost us a sale, OR
impacted an election.  This feature is a request from Jefferson County, KY.
They are already a customer.  If they need this feature why don't we enter
into a design relationship with them and let them pay for their desired

Please be aware that the competition (AIS 100) holds the ballot, imparts the
over voted race info, requires the voter to press a response, and then returns
the ballot.  This has proven to be disastrous is Hawaii.  We are selling
against this feature.  We can not add this to the AccuVote unilaterally.

I believe Sales, as well as, Support have expressed their opinions.

If we must spend time, energy, and money on this feature - make it a limited
option.  This should never be put into general release.