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Prelim 1.95d Testing

Preliminary testing of 1.95d results are as follows:

Database used was Demo database (from ftp site)  and demo ballots
Initial tests with Gems 1-5-2  did not permit download of memory cards
Scan  F errors ,  wrong protocol
after loading Abo and abasic.ini from anoka.zip   still not able to download

Upgraded db to 1-5-9  and download permitted

TEST 1-  small test deck used - 6 ballots total
 set AccuVote options to reject blank ballots and overvoted races
ran unvoted and voted ballot tests  - all read correctly
Count test -  Counted correctly
DID not reject Blank voted ballots-  accepted 2
Rejected Overvoted and displayed message "Overvoted race - Race No. 1"
was able to override and count ballot .

Repeated test 1 and results identical

Memory card then cleared and new AccuVote options selected
Accept all reject none
Memory card downloaded and TEST 2  conducted

TEST 2- small test deck used - 6 ballots total
Using same ballots and in same sequence of feeding conducted count test
Results identical to TEST 1
NO ballots were rejected -  blank and overvoted  accepted.

Long reports printed for Both test and Precinct Name is displayed on label
New text has been inserted above Pollworker signature lines

TEST 3- small test deck used - 6 ballots total

Downloaded MC with options to Reject Blank ballots and Overvotes
Also PRINT message on Override

Results :
Count results identical to 1 and 2
Did not reject blank ballots
Displayed "Overvoted Race - Race # 1 "  Pressed Yes to Override - ballot accepted - counter incremented
Override message printed for Overvoted ballot


Uploaded test results directly
Printed reports
All report totals agree with test results tapes

Started JResult Client and server -  displayed and printed results (as displayed) -  all agree with test totals

Initial Conclusions/Observations  based on LIMITED preliminary testing:
Download works on 1-5-9  not 1-5-2  (interim releases not tested)
After download complete - LCD displayed REMOVE MEMORY CARD
Reject blank ballot setting not operational
Observed no change is LCD display for overvoted races from previous releases
Precinct name on label as well as additional language for pollworkers
AccuVote counts number of ballots correctly regardless of AccuVote settings programmed


On Election Summary Reports - when Winner box is checked this is what occurred:
Race 1
Thomas Jefferson in Bold   - is winner
Race 4
Marianne Moore in Bold     had 1 of 2 votes   Carl Sandberg NOT bold - had 1 0f 2 votes
Race 6
Jim Thorpe in bold had 1 of 2 votes
Bill Russell  in bold  had 0 of 2 votes
Joe Dimaggio NOT in bold - had 1 of 2 votes

These are preliminary test results and should be treated as such.  Time did not permit extensive testing but hopefully this will get us headed in the right direction.

All tapes, reports and report parameters are available if needed.

Tari Runyan