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Re: Accu-Vote Releases 1.94v and 1.94f@

  Re the scrolling race title: so far I've heard from Ken and Tyler who've seen this new "feature" and Frank, Robert Picket, Nel, and Steve Knecht who've responded to the announcement.  In general there's a "thumbs down" reaction.

  Over the years, there have been several requests for a better way to find the offending voting position but we've never liked the possible solutions.  Lately we have had this put forward as a requirement which led to us needing to choose an implementation.

  Scrolling seemed viable in theory but is failing in practise.  Ken has been strongly advocating for a truncated race title so I'm going to look more into those today.  So far I have tended to find examples for any particular truncation method that are either unreadable or are ambiguous but I'll keep looking.

  If you have any strong opinion that we haven't heard yet, please voice on this support@ list.  Should we go with a truncated race title or drop this feature outright?  For anyone dealing with this as a required feature, what exactly is required?  Is ambiguity in the title acceptable?

  Thanks for your input.

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