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AccuVote release 1.94v and 1.94f@

I agree with Frank and Tyler.  I have seen this "feature" in operation and have serious concerns about making it a general release. 
Should the ballot be held in the throat of the reader while the message is being displayed?  Absolutely not.  In most cases, the voter would insert the ballot, assume that it was accepted by the AccuVote, leave the precinct and be in the drive-thru at Taco Bell down the street before the poll workers recognize that a ballot has been returned.  No matter how much training we give them, the poll workers simply don't read the LCD display every time a ballot is inserted into the AccuVote.  If this is the best way to handle the ballot and scroll the race name, then I am against scrolling.  If developing another way of handling the ballot and scrolling the name causes problems somewhere else in AccuBasic code or GEMS, then I am against scrolling.
Should we display the race title or the scrolling name or the number?  I am surprised that this has turned into such a debate.  This is a small screen with a limited amount of space.  Scrolling clearly creates procedural and training problems.  A cryptic race title is not going to make more sense to the average poll worker than a race number.  Since none of these options offer an ideal solution, I would vote that we not take unnecessary risks in development.  Let's stay with what we've got.