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Re: Accu-Vote Releases 1.94v and 1.94f@

In a message dated 2/25/99 3:33:07 PM Pacific Standard Time, glanca@gesn.com

<< If it ain't broke don't fix it. Between Ken's posting and this, I take it
that we've got problems with this "feature".&nbsp; 
Tab, I'm about to commit the code so you can take a look. I tried several
different scrolling designs yesterday and this seemed the simplest and the
best. >>

Guy, my advice would be to let us look at it for a bit before changing it
back.  I believe it offers a very needed function.  Whether its implementation
will cause some of the things Frank is concerned about or not can't really be
told until we understand how you implemented it.  Frank's question about
whether the ballot is returned prior to or after the scroll seems significant,
but that depends on how fast the scroll is.  Personally, I'd rather train for
it and have it as a feature.  Easier to sell, another distinguishing feature
for the AccuVote, and not that difficult to train for.