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Re: Accu-Vote Releases 1.94v and 1.94f@

Fkglobal@aol.com wrote:
This is my first time responding to a message.  I'm confused.

"By popular request we are also introducing an enhanced race identification
display for ballots returned due to voting problems.  If the Accu-Vote
is programmed to display race numbers, it will now also display the full
race title by scrolling the title across the display."

Can we have 1.94v fixes and still just display race number?  Did you mean that
the ballot will not be returned until message is completed?  This could be a
problem.  I'm not sure whose popular request this was, however, this will
create the need for explanations at pollworker classes, ballots will have to
be re-fed to review messages, voters could walk away before ballot is
returned, etc.
This seems, at first blush, like a technical fix to a non-problem in the
majority of accounts.  I discussed this with Robert Pickett, and we both have
the same concerns.
If it ain't broke don't fix it.

  Between Ken's posting and this, I take it that we've got problems with this "feature".  Tab, I'm about to commit the code so you can take a look.  I tried several different scrolling designs yesterday and this seemed the simplest and the best.  Perhaps making the display code asynchronous would work here but I expect it would break other things.  Perhaps there is no general solution and we should consider just withdrawing this.

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