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Internet Accounts, Phones, Etc....

Hello Everyone, I hope you are all are happy as can be:)
I have your Earthlink Accounts, they are active.  Problem is I will be away 
until the 28 of this month.
When I get back I will dish them out to those of you that feel they really 
need them.

I am finding that some of you like the new PCS phones, and some of you are 
scared of the new technology we are providing:)
If you have any problems with the new phones, or you are just curious, 
e-mail me.(mike@gesn.com)  I'm here to help out, not to make your life a 
living hell.  Send me your ideas, and I will see what I can do to make your 
life less miserable.

Mike Brown
"Yet, Another Global Moment"