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NEWS *3D Audio and Bass Boost for RealPlayer G2*

   "The increase in sound quality is remarkable!"
             -- Andy Neukirch, iQfx Customer

Dear RealPlayer User,

At RealNetworks, we're always looking for ways to 
make RealAudio sound even better.

I'm excited to tell you about a new product which 
will dramatically improve the sound quality of your 
RealPlayer: iQfx by QSound Labs.

iQfx is the powerful new audio enhancer that 
transforms RealAudio into full-bodied 3D RealAudio. 
And that's not all: iQfx turns mono into stereo, 
features bass boost, and plugs directly into 
RealPlayer G2.

We've developed a FREE before and after demo.
Come listen for yourself and hear the difference it 
makes, or download now for just $11.95 simply by 

=> http://www.realstore.com/specials/rollsound.html

You can choose to download the iQfx plug-in if you 
already have RealPlayer G2, or if you still need to 
upgrade to G2, you can download the RealPlayer G2 + 
iQfx bundle at no extra cost.


iQfx at a glance:

- 3D RealAudio
- Turns mono into stereo
- Bass boost
- Plugs into RealPlayer G2
- Download plugin only or RP G2 + iQfx bundle - no 
  extra cost
- Just $11.95

Go listen to the FREE before and after demo or 
download now: 

=> http://www.realstore.com/specials/rollsound.html

Thank you for continuing to use RealNetworks products.

Maria Cantwell
Senior Vice President
RealNetworks, Inc.
Seattle, WA  USA


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