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Piedmont L&A Test

Hi All,

The L&A test was successful for the City of Piedmont with both the Accu-Touch units & the Accu-Vote.  The software for the Accu-Touch units seems to be functioning successfully, although we have not done extensive voting on the latest software.  Hopefully, all will go well on election day.  For the people who do have the latest software for the Accu-Touch units, AccuTouch-2-17-99-2.zip on the ftp site, please keep on testing this software and I will do the same here.  The only 2 items that was not tested at the L&A test, were the modem upload and the printing of the images.  Since all the equipment is now in Piedmont, unless we can configure the Server and test the modem upload before March 2 and also make sure that the Network upload still works, then it probably would be better to not do modeming at all.  The software that does the printing of the images, (Audit Viewer), does work on a Windows 95 machine, but does not work on the Windows NT 4.0 server, which is the computer we will be using for all reporting.  I have spoken with Tom Goetzinger, and he is checking into this, but if there is someone else that can check it also, all the better.  This I can check here at the office and then install it when I return to Piedmont.

For those of you who have been designated to help support this election, I would appreciate it if you would let me know when you will be arriving.  Talk with Pam at Bolack about where to stay, we checked out some places there and found a place called the Executive Inn, she has the information.


Jeff Hintz
Global Election Systems