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RE: Release Notes Policy

> Should we provide our customers with ROM and GEMS Release Notes?  King
> County has requested for them but I'm not sure if that's a good idea.
> Please respond.

Hi Sophie,

We had a long thread on this topic on the support list a couple of months
back.  It is a shame we lost the archives.

The short answer is that we ship the GEMS release notes along with the CD
and in the zip files on our FTP site, so customers are free to read them.
Most customers do not have a support rep on site, so the release notes are
currently their best source of information on what is new.

In Kings case I would say do whatever makes you most comfortable.  I don't
think we have anything to hide in our release notes, but if you feel that
supporting them would be easier by withholding them, there is no "policy"
against that.