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Re: Accu-Vote Verion 2 (was Accu-Vote Beta Release 1.95d)

No, multiple firmware installations do not exist.  This is not support by either VTS or GEMS currently.  That is, you can not have a 1.93 and 1.94 in one place, nor will 1.94 and 2.0.  You can of course mix and match putch releases (1.94r and 1.94s etc).
  Actually in VTS, it's not too difficult to support multiple Accu-Vote release levels.  Since you select the AV release and abo file in the download console, you can do your downloads for one release and then select another release for more downloads all without leaving the download console.  Is anyone actually doing this?  If you know of a case, please let us know.
 I think though, that everyone is missing the point on this thread.  Steve (as I understand it) was asking if he could run visible light along with inferred in the same election.  The answer to this question is yes, because 2.0 will support both VL and IR.  They will, however, have to upgrade all their machines to 2.0.
  In another post I stated that, at least initially, version 2 firmware will not be supported on the IR readers.  My plan is to concentrate on getting V2 stable on the VL readers first and then work on supporting the older readers.  Hopefully sites with mixed reader types will stick to a single firmware version.  They may however decide that they need V2 features to support particular applications (i.e. early voting) thus necessitating support for mixed firmware levels.  Should that situation arise, someone needs to think through the ramifications and propose a solution as an RCR.

  To support V2, the IR readers will require upgrades at least including upgrading the RAM chips.  Ian will probably want the units sent in to bring them up to the latest engineering change orders.  Comments Ian?  There are also different flavors of IR readers and some won't even run the latest 1.94 firmware.  While we're discussing upgrades, even the VL readers will likely need new clock chips because at this point V2 of Precinct Count will require a larger ROM chip in the expansion ROM socket.

  The point is, don't rush to upgrade to V2 unless the new features are really needed.  Like any major new release, there are going to be bugs to iron out and you're better off waiting for the first few maintenance releases.  By then, we'll be working on support for the IR readers.

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