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Re: Accu-Vote Verion 2 (was Accu-Vote Beta Release 1.95d)

 Guy wrote:

 To support V2, the IR readers will require upgrades at least including upgrading the RAM chips.  Ian will probably want the units sent in to bring them up to the latest engineering change orders.  Comments Ian?  There are also different flavors of IR readers and some won't even run the latest 1.94 firmware.  While we're discussing upgrades, even the VL readers will likely need new clock chips because at this point V2 of Precinct Count will require a larger ROM chip in the expansion ROM socket.

It would be better to see the units at McKinney so we could effect current ECOs to the units, but it is not necessary.  Upgrades will have to be done at a cost to someone.  The new clock chips are twice the cost of old ones, as are the 128KB RAM and ROM ICs.  Is Global going to eat the cost (yet again) of upgrading customers, or will the customer cough up to at least cover the costs of the materials.

  The point is, don't rush to upgrade to V2 unless the new features are really needed.  Like any major new release, there are going to be bugs to iron out and you're better off waiting for the first few maintenance releases.  By then, we'll be working on support for the IR readers. 

If they have a stable firmware solution using the smaller clock chips, RAM chips and ROM ICs, then there would be no need to upgrade those components.