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Accu-Touch - Poll Book - Importing Election Information

I have just finished putting an RCR out for implementing a "Clear Totals" function for the Poll Book application on the Accu-Touch system.  I know that this is last minute wishes, but I think we really need this function to make the L&A testing and then changing over to the Official Election process much easier and friendly.

Having said that, there is a small bug in the current Poll Book application that needs to be fixed to also help us out with this process.  The import function currently looks to the secondary media, which is the D: drive.  We need to change this so it is now looking for the DefDir directory, which is the A: drive.

Sorry for these inconviences, but this will help make the process look much smoother, rather than hooking up a keyboard and going into Windows and doing everything manually.


Jeff Hintz
Global Election Systems