I have a wealth of teaching experience ranging from High School mathematics and comptuer science, college students both in traditional and online settings and faculty and professional development for teachers.

High School Math and Computer Science

My career started as a high school math and computer science teacher. I spent two years teaching inner city students in south florida, and then transitioned to a suburban district in Bedford, NY. In the 8 years I spent in the classroom I taught a wide variety of courses from remedial 9th grade algebra to precalculus and AP computer science. Although my primary responsibility was to my students, I also felt strongly about being part of a community of educators and contributed to state and national teachers associations through conference presentations at places such as the Florida Council Teachers of Mathematics, Computer Science and Information Technology Symposium and the AP community.

Collegiate Computer Science

In addition to teaching at the high school level I also have a broad, diverse experience teaching at the collegiate level, both in traditional classroom settings and online, in undergraduate as well as graduate or continuing and professional studies programs. My experience includes New York University, City University of New York, Westchester Community College, and most recently Carnegie Mellon University. At CMU I created and taught a course entitled "Introduction to Computer Science Education" focused on providing graduate students interested in a faculty position an introduction to education research, best practices, computing education research, teaching methodologies, assessment strategies, and practice and feedback on their lecturing skills. The course website lists the preliminary syllabus. (Note: the course syllabus was subject to change based on the interests of the students each semester)

Professional Development for Teachers

In 1999 I presented a workshop entitled "Internet: Its not just for our students" at the Florida Council Teachers of Mathematics Annual Conference. From that time forward I have been committed to helping teachers to implement quality curriculum with and without technology. For the first 3 years I worked for the Bedford Central School District I was the Computer Helping Teacher for the high school, releasing me from two class periods to provide staff development and curricular support for all teachers. I also served on the Policy Board for the districts Professional Development Center. Outside of my home district, I am a certified collegeboard consultant and have run many workshops on AP Computer Science for teachers across the country.