Fully Scalable Methods for Distributed Tensor Factorization


CDTF (Coordinate Descent for Tensor Factorization) and SALS (Subset Alternating Least Square) are CDTF has an advantage in terms of memory usage and flexibility, while SALS has an advantage in terms of convergence speed


CDTF and SALS are described in the following papers:


The source code used in the papers is available. [ver.1 (ICDM)] [ver.2 (TKDE)]
They include:


Name Description Order Mode Length # Observations Source
MovieLens Movie rating data 4 71,567 X 65,133 X 169 X 24 9,301,274 GroupLens
Netflix Movie rating data 3 2,649,429 X 17,770 X 74 99,072,112 Netflix Prize
Yahoo-music Music rating data 4 1,000,990 X 624,961 X 133 X 24 252,800,275 Yahoo Labs