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-CVPR 2005 (San Diego, California, USA, June 20-26)
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-CVPR 2007 (Minneapolis, MN, USA)
-CVPR 2008 (Anchorage, Alaska, USA)
-ICCV 2005 (Beijing, China, October 15-21)
-IPMI 2005 (Glenwood Springs, Colorado, USA, July 10-15)
-IPMI 2007 (Rolduc Abbey, The Netherlands, July 2-6)
-MIAAB 2007 (Piscataway, NJ, USA, September 21, 2007)
-MICCAI 2005 (Palm Springs, California, USA, October 26-29)
-MICCAI 2006 (Copenhagen, Denmark, October 1-6)
-MICCAI 2007 (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, October 2007)
-MICCAI 2008 (New York, NY, USA, October 2008)
-MMBIA 2006 (New York, NY, USA, June 17-18)
-Neural Information Processing Systems
-Biomedical Imaging Resource (Mayo Clinic)
-CELLS alive!
-Factor Graphs Tutorial and Demo
-Resources for Face Detection
-Sparse Bayesian Learning and the Relevance Vector Machine
-The Basics of MRI
-The CellProfiler Cell Image Analysis Software Project
-Face Detection (Robotics Institute)
-Face Detection (Rowley-Kanade)
-Tissue Engineering's Web Watch
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-Advanced Multimedia Processing Group (CMU)
-Biomedical Imaging Group (EPFL)
-Center for Biological & Computational Learning (MIT)
-Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (MIT)
-Computer Vision Group (UC Berkeley)
-Computer Vision Lab (University of Central Florida)
-Decision Theory and Adaptive Systems Group (Microsoft)
-IMAGERS: UCLA Image Processing Research Group
-Machine Learning and Perception Group (Microsoft)
-Medical-Vision Research Group
-Microsoft Research Asia
-The University of Iowa College of Engineering Imaging Group
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-CMU ECE Seminar Series
-Stanford EE380 Colloquium
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-LSH Algorithm and Implementation (E2LSH)
-Locality Sensitive Hashing Applet
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-Connexions - Sharing Knowledge and Building Communities
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-Applied Optics Online
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-Google: Build Your Own Google Homepage
-Google: Discover Homepage Content
-Google: Google Homepage API
-Heiner's SHELLdorado
-The Code Project
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-BibTeX as XML markup (bibteXML)
-Boost Libraries
-Google Code
-OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision Library)
-Qt Cross-Platform Application Framework
-The CImg Library
-The VIGRA Computer Vision Library
-VXL (the Vision-something-Libraries)
-The Java Tutorial
-Ruby Documentation Project
-Ruby on Rails
-Ruby: Programmers' Best Friend
-Fredrik Lundh's effbot.org site
-Numeric Python
-Parallel Python
-Python Package Index (PyPI)
-SciPy -- Scientific tools for Python
-The ctypes module
-B.V.K. Vijaya Kumar
-Badrinath Roysam (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
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