18-798 Image and Video Processing (TI) WF 12:30PM-02:20PM SH 219 Tsuhan Chen
18-396 Signals and Systems (TI) TR 10:30AM-11:50AM BH 136A Thomas Sullivan
18-791 Digital Signal Processing I TR 09:30AM-11:20AM HH B131 Richard Stern
15-853 Algorithms in the "Real World" MW 10:30AM-11:50AM WEH 5409 Guy Blelloch, Bruce Maggs
10-701 Machine Learning MW 13:30AM-14:50PM WEH 7500 Carlos Guestrin, Tom Mitchell
18-751 Applied Stochastic Process MW 10:30AM-12:20PM PH A18C Jose Moura
16-720 Computer Vision TR 01:30PM-02:50PM NSH 1305 Martial Hebert
16-811 Mathematical Fundamentals for Robotics TR 03:00PM-04:20PM DH 1217 Michael Erdmann