Photo Albums

Here you can find links to my photo albums that are posted on PicasaWeb. I'll add more links (and photos) as I have time, but this is a start! You can zoom in on the pictures to get higher resolution versions of them (1600 pixels). Contact me if you feel you must have the originals (about twice as big).

Caving at Laurel Caverns

Here are the pics I took from a trip exploring the lower Laurel Caverns with some RI buddies on March 31st, 2007.

Spring break in Aspen, CO

For spring break (March 3-8, 2007) I went to Aspen where I stayed with my Brazilian cousin Fernanda who was working there for the season. I only used my camera on the first day, which is why there are so few pictures at the moment. I'm working on getting Fernanda to send me her pics as she was the "official" photographer of the trip.