About me

My CV is available in PDF format here.

I am a Robotics PhD student in the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. I work with my advisors, Professors Manuela Veloso and Reid Simmons, as part of the CORAL research group.

My goal is to develop robust and safe intelligence for mobile robots in unconstrained, human-populated environments. To this end, I have focused my work on the detection of abnormal situations during execution, and on decision-making in environments where robot robustness is essential.

Robots can have expectations about how the world works and about how their actions affect their environment. These expectations may be granted by humans, or they may be acquired through experience. Part of my work deals with the online detection of abnormal events that break these expectations. Furthermore, I am particularly interested in enabling robots to determine the circumstances under which such anomalies occur.

Once the robot knows about these potentially unsafe regions, it needs to be able to make intelligent and safe decisions. For example, it may want to always avoid regions that have been found unsafe. Part of my work deals with the problem of planning to execute tasks while avoiding such unsafe regions, despite uncertainty in the robot's initial conditions, sensing and actuation.

More information about my projects can be found in the Projects section.